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Release Announcement 1 & 2

Spectres & Teeth – No Magick Spawns!

An outburst of abhorrent and wreaking Black/Death Metal from the most mucid dungeons of Linz, Austria. Written half a decade ago now finally to be released on tape and vinyl.To be released on November 13th 2020.

Pre-order “NO MAGICK SPAWNS!” here:

– Digital here.
– Cassette (Födweg/Into Endless Chaos) here.
– Special Edition Vinyl here.
– Regular Vinyl here.


YounA – Zornvlouch REPRESS

We’re currently repressing YounAs debut LP “Zornvlouch” on Vinyl – this run consists of 100 white & black marbled and 200 regular black LPs. Both editions contain an A1 sized single-sided poster.
To be released on November 13th 2020.

Pre-Order here:
colored vinyl

regular black vinyl

Or order via Bandcamp here.