Vacuous/ Mortuary Spawn – Split 7inch (Black Vinyl)

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Official distributed by Into Endless Chaos Records

“Crypt of the Wizard is proud to present Vacuous / Mortuary Spawn – Split 7″ on vinyl and digital formats.

Two of the UK’s finest death metal bands conjoined at last on one 7″ separated only by the sides of a record and the North / South divide.

Over the past few years London’s Vacuous & Leed’s Mortuary Spawn have been forging a path for the New Wave of British Death Metal, both bands following their own fetid direction into the putrid future of the genre. Dozens of bands have sprung up in their wake, like reanimated corpses breathing life into a once seemingly dormant scene. Mortuary Spawn’s groove laden wall to wall riffs provide explosive headbanging action from beginning to end, while Vacuous’ hardcore inflicted death-doom is a whirlwind of lowend misery.

Whilst both bands head in their own sonic directions it is only fitting that they are presented here together, functioning as each other’s dark shadow – twinned in evil.”

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