Ryg Din Sidste Bøn – Rehearsal for the Regicide LP

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Official distributed by Into Endless Chaos Records

“Crypt of the Wizard is proud to present Ryg Din Sidste Bøn – Rehearsal for the Regicide on limited 12” vinyl and digital formats.

Ryg Din Sidste Bøn – The name might struggle to work its way out of the mouths of those not versed in the beautiful back-of-the-throat Danish dialect, but to aid thine understanding this legendary Nordic entity have provided us with a rough translation – something like ‘Smoke Your Last Prayer’. Oh yeah!
Groovy, raw, and shot through with bad-trip psychedelia R.D.S.B. are the very spirit of basement metal, punishing the neighbours, pissing off the parents, bringing down the house.
While dedicated members of the Danish underground may well have had the opportunity to dig these demons over the past decade, with no recorded material hitherto available their true force remains unknown elsewhere. This has at last been remedied now that their debut 12” is available on super limited vinyl via Crypt of the Wizard records.

This release marks the first of a new series under the Crypt of the Wizard banner called WIZARD100s where the Wizard himself selects some of the finest oddities, masterworks, and mind-melting opuses to press in an edition of 100 white labels, hand stamped and numbered only for the truest of heads. Not made for mass consumption. Get yours while you can!”

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