Peace Vaults – I & II LP ( Black Vinyl)

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Official distributed by Into Endless Chaos Records

“Crypt of the Wizard is proud to present Peace Vaults – I & II on vinyl and digital formats.

New blood from the Viennese gutters. Amidst the vile and hostile ravines of sooted stone and waste filled waters is a glade to be found. Peace Vaults erect four pillars of crude and stoic Black Metal, guided by luring vocals and synth melodies, which shimmer like ominously kaleidoscopic light through cracks in the walls of rat filled sewers.

Hissing through cracked and blackened feedback Peace Vaults produce jangly off-kilter rhythms, awash with raw metal energy and diffuse post punk lethargy. Frantically pulling chaotic drum patterns and howling guitar leads into rhythmic structure until, wild, they pull themselves apart again.
This compilation of the band’s two demo tapes rightly now presented on vinyl marks the beginning

Fans of Slutet, Sonic Youth, Weathered Crest and the whole Linz scene will find in Peace Vaults another band over which to obsess.”

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