Necros Christos ‎– One In Darkness, Two In Damnation, Three In Death, 2002 – 2007 3xLP

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3LP boxed set compiling the bands demos, material from split releases, rehearsal and unreleased studio outtakes, claiming to include all previous non-album recordings by the band. The box contains individual covers for each of the three LP’s, a 24×24 inch poster, a large 24 page booklet and a small sticker.

Originally marketed as exclusively available from the band during their 2013 European tour with Grave Miasma, but later widely available through various distribution outlets.

Side A contains the “Necromantic Doom” demo from 2002
Side B contains material exclusive to the “Curse of the Necromantical Sabbath” EP from 2004 and from the 2006 split EP with Teitanblood
Side C contains the “Black Mass Desecration” demo from 2003
Side D contains a previously unreleased studio session from 2007
Side E contains the “Grave Damnation” demo from 2004
Side F contains a rehearsal recording, previously released as a split tape with Blood Horns in 2005 titled “Ritual Crucifixion”

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