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Third repress of the CITY GIRLS EP!

12″ Vinyl, 45 RPM with gold variation of the cover and a full LP-sized insert by Jan Utecht (Occvlta).

Maggot Heart is feeding on the corpse of the metropolis, hiding in its obscure corners and munching on its negativity, processing its black fumes to release them as quick and witty sonic observations. Ol’ time Rock’n’Roll, as intended in the traditional dangerous triangulation guitar-bass-drums which harkens back to the teachings of Motörhead and punk’s past but with a dash of chemical spleen to cover the tracks. Music that find release through gritted teeth. Ghosts of Killing Joke, Poison Idea, Voivod, Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols and a lyrical approach not distant to the Big Apple musings of a young Patti Smith fill these corridors and howl together in four songs that bounce back between themes of escapism and frustration, spiritual elevation and daily disappointment, „dominance and submission“.

The city that never sleeps and struggles to pay the rent gave guitarist and songwriter Linnéa Olsson the inspiration for her new project, Maggot Heart. After leaving her native Sweden in 2012 where she had been active with metal punks Sonic Ritual (two EPs, one Split-LP and a single under their belt, also one of the bands that played the first ever edition of the cult festival Live Evil in London in 2010) and as a music journalist for over a decade, Linnéa relocated to Berlin, where she soon co-founded the short-lived but much celebrated The Oath, with which she wrote and released a single and an album. After their early demise in, she was asked to join Finnish band Beastmilk on second guitar, which shortly afterwards changed their name to Grave Pleasures and went on to release the album „Dreamcrash“ in 2015. After a busy year of recording and touring, Linnéa left the band in order to finally focus on something of her own.

And so Maggot Heart was born. Recorded with the help of fellow Swedes Uno Bruniusson (Procession, Death Alley, ex-In Solitude and Grave Pleasures) on drums and Gottfrid Åhman (No Future, Reveal, ex-In Solitude, Invidious, Repugnant) on bass, she then teamed up with Berlin-based imprint Teratology Sound & Vision to release the EP ”City Girls” – the result of which is lying on the dissection table in front of you, pulsating with life but with an infested core. The music is catchy and direct but beneath it all lies a struggling process, both internal and external, which seeks its revenge on the outer world: fists are not being raised in choruses, rather aimed to the face. Tough and spiteful, she has given you something to talk about.

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