Kêres – Eidolon Abraxas LP

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On ‘Eidolon Abraxas’ we find the minimalistic and regressive approach and raw guitar sound of ‘Ice, Vapor and Crooked Arrows’ and ‘Vexilloid’, mixed with the more melodious sound of ‘Book of Desire’.

In addition, the keyboards that were especially present on ‘Vexilloid’ make their return, making ‘Eidolon Abraxas’ an album that’s gritty but also has an otherworldly, melancholic atmosphere.

More than ever before, the band flirts with the Greek Black Metal sound, but without getting anywhere near all the bombast.
Instead, the Heavy Metal melodicism and the spooky keys of some of that scene’s frontrunners can be found back on the latest Kêres record.

Due to the rawer sound and Beherit and Barathrum infuence, at no point does Kêres sound like a clone of, well anything really.
It sounds undeniably as Kêres, raw with the raspy vocals of Atvar, minimalistic in progression and with an odd sense of catchiness.

Consisting of eight songs, the more traditional Black Metal tracks are interspersed with three ambient/dungeon synth interludes that mostly enhance the alienating atmosphere of the record.

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