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Athothep was active from 1993 till 1996 and they released 2 demos and 1 7inch so far. The demos got a quit intense obscure Necro Sound, which reminds a bit to early Samael & Moenen Of Xezbeth. The 7inch got a more clear sound and pagan vibe on it.

This Compilation include “Rites of the Necrogoat” Demo, “…and the Pale Light Shined On” Demo & “Badb-Catha” 7inch. The compilation also include the song “Lost Ancient Kingdom” of ATHOTHEPs side project Spheres of Dawn & 1 unreleased from the “…and the Pale Light Shined On” Demo recordings.

This record is limited to 300 copies on black Vinyl and comes with a 16 sided zine which includes different scans of flyer, interviews & pictures from back in the days.

Beware NECRO SOUND!!!!

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