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Pre-Order for “Zappedüster – Näbelschlucker” has started.

Rural Black Metal Punk from the backwoods middle of nowhere…

The Limited Tape will be ready for shipping around 15th of April, but will be probably available at A Sinister Purpose on the 5th & 6th of April.

Order your copy HERE

In the dead of night resounds a ghastly screech in Agasul,
drifting across the countryside – the curse of the Schrädel.
The Hungersinet drives his woeful doings, the moaning of the Näbelschlucker awakens and gasps for Sargnägel, Pfiiffe, Chlöpfer und Bränz

Out of the stale swill of the Helvetic Underground Comittee, ZAPPEDÜSTER gathered together, wielding hatchet and rusty chains to stir up the spectres in the local pubs with their antiqated patoit Black Metal.

Listen to the first track called “Sargnägel, Chlöpfer und Bränz” here: