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Veiled – In Blinding Presence (Release Date 07.01.2019)

Pre order for (The True)Veiled – In Blinding Presence has started.

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Some steps lead to saintly aisles, others to the deep chasm of your inner self. The psychotic black metal of Veiled on their first full length „In Blinding Presence“ does both and forms the last part of the triunity to ruin your perception. Dispel your mind with the healing atter and get lost in the weave of the three norns.

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CNTMPT – Towards Neglect (Releasedate 17.12.18)

Pre order for CNTMPT – Towards Neglect has started.

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From the beginning of existence three nornes are sitting on a mountain’s crest spinning the immortal web of destiny. So it came that in 2009 the fate outstreched its fingers towards a saxonian town called Leipzig to open a passage between the worlds of light and fire and the worlds of darkness and ice to evoke the entity of CNTMPT. With the first selftitled invocation CNTMPT formed vast thoughts and emotions into acoustic percebtible squirts directly into the womb of human existence. Now, in the late time of the year 2018 CNTMPT will release its new collection of screams and shrieks into a world of distraction, disparity and arrogance to build up a wall of theurgy TOWARDS NEGLECT. Perceive and pray to your gods as long as there is time to do so!

Listen to the first track, called Gravity.

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Out Now


Mrak – Demo MMXVIII MC

Limited to 50 hand.numbered Tapes

From the murkiest whorls of the inner abyss ascends
an abomination made of darkness itself. Mrak will
dissolve your foul soul in their putrid void to
stop it from transcending into the heavens of heresy.
Hold your breath and see the unlight of the fallen star.

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Velvet Dream – Darkened Mysteria Out Now


An otherworldly creature is descending from the snow covered peaks of the Ore Mountains to deliver bleak ambient sounds for the impending winter. Expect to be shrouded by winds as cold as the longest winter nights by the sonority echoing in the valleys of frost and ice.
Velvet Dreams’ “Darkened Mysteria” will be released by INTO ENDLESS CHAOS RECORDS on the 24.09.2018 as Digipack limited to 100 copies so you better act fast!

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Into Endless Chaos Records presents

Into Endless Chaos Records presents

Vidargängr, MORAST & Light of the Morning Star Mini Tour

24.10 Loppen Copenhagen(withour LOTMS.)
25.10 Wolfsburg Jugendhaus Ost
26.10 Oldenburg MTS Records
27.10 Kassel Goldgruba
We will have our Distro with us. So come by and grab some records.

Flyer design by Harvest of Eyes

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Goat Explosion – Rumors Of Man Pre Order


Two years after releasing their first demo tape „Siesta Infernal“, GOAT EXPLOSION are back with their first full length „Rumors Of Man“. They follow the path they pursued in 2015 that leads them through traditional riffing of early Heavy, Doom Metal and the winding depths of Stoner Rock. Accompanied and perfected by outstanding vocals that tinge the music with a melancholic touch, the diversity, and sovereignty of this record will blow you away like the weed you probably just smoked. Get your copy now and praise the vulgar saints of GOAT EXPLOSION!

Goat Explosions „Rumors Of Man“ is limited to 300 Vinyl and 500 CDs

Pre Order here: LP