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October Release Batch

It’s been some time since we came up with new releases, but we have lots of irons in the fire currently – scheduled for October 13 2021 we will have three new releases available under our banner. Pre-sale is now up for the following titles:

// CHAOS 039
Weathered Crest – Blossoming Of The Paths LP
After the „Broken Column“ EP Weathered Crest continues with an album of piercing urgency. „Blossoming Of The Paths“ contains seven tracks of triumphant fast to mid-paced Black Metal, dedicated to the fading of mankinds achievements into forgottendom.

„Like ancient civilizations we shall fade away and nature will again devour our monuments and memories. Pride comes before a fall.“

Available as regular and special edition vinyl. The special edition is limited to 42 copies and comes with a pin, a poster and a modified packaging.

Regular Edition order here.

Special Edition order here.

Listen to “Insects For The Eyes Of Icons” on YouTube:––

//CHAOS 040
Forgotten Shrines – Remembrance MLP
Distant ruined remains echoing from feral times when nocturnal gates were unclosed differently. What once was lost in oblivion now shall be unearthed by the dim light of a single torch. “Remembrance” by Forgotten Shrines from Austria hails the pioneering spirit of Black Metal by using shattered tools and blurring soundscapes.

Order here.

Listen to “Remembrance” on YouTube:––

//CHAOS 031
Spectres & Teeth – No Magick Spawns! Digipak CD
An outburst of abhorrent and wreaking Black/Death Metal from the most mucid dungeons of Linz, Austria. Written half a decade ago now finally to be released on Digipak CD.

Order here.

Listen to “Beast Of Earth” on YouTube:––