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Cntmpt – Für Nichts Außer Asche 10inch

When night and day become one,
when everything turns into a pale meadow,
fire and ice combine their strength with uncreational purpose.
A sonic rage deafens the competence to distinguish.
From the depths of this sallow clime a glimpse bulges to a harsh pressure.
A shield bursts, a world cracks and what remains is nothing but ash.

Cntmpt​s “Für nichts außer Asche” will be released on the 1st of September 2020 as a 10inch EP, limited to 200 copies.

–––– Pre-order Special Edition here.

Limited to 21 copies. Contains a 12-page booklet, a unique wooden hand-carved talisman and a printed tin box including incense and lighting charcoal housed in a linen bag.

–––– Pre-order Regular Edition here.

Limited to 179 copies. Contains a 12-page booklet.

–––– Pre-order Digital Version here.