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“ERADICATION” is the first full-length strike of the German Nihilistic Death Metal Horde known as ARCHAIC THORN, containing seven invocations of pure violence, death and madness. Now available through Into Endless Chaos Records on regular black or limited red marble vinyl or digital download.

Regular Vinyl Edition here

Limited Red/Marble Vinyl Edition here

Digital Version here

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An extensive compilation of the Sweden-based The End Commune’s unique, demented and experimental black metal entity, SLUTET, is now released. As opposed to the previous self-titled compilation released on tape and vinyl formats respectively, Begynnelsen compiles “What the End of the World Looked Like”, “…And the Great Cunt Wept” and “O Ziemia!” in full in addition to their 2017 EP called “Jihad”. The compilation will include over two hours of material spread over 2 MCs. Limited to 150 copies.

Order here.

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»No Magick Spawns!« by Spectres & Teeth is out now!

An outburst of abhorrent and wreaking Black/Death Metal from the most mucid dungeons of Linz, Austria. Written half a decade ago now finally available on tape and vinyl.

All pre-orders have been shipped yesterday and should arrive at your door within the next days. Furthermore we’re almost out of special editions, so don’t hesitate to order yours if you want one of these beauties.

You can also listen to »No Magick Spawns!« in its entirety on Bandcamp now:––

Buy »No Magick Spawns!« here:

–– Special Edition LP here.

–– Regular LP here.

–– MC here.

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“Für nichts außer Asche” by CNTMPT releases today.

The smell of burnt herbage is what reminds the spirits which passage there is to overcome, when a slight raindrop reaches the ground and splits the soil to a gap of bursting flames.
Four wings that alter the worlds of decline and composition with every flap within a cicling trial.
What begins with a distant whisper becomes a bumptious disorder to eradicate the common relations. A cycle breaks once more and leaves behind an endless chaos and a relict for recreational purpose.

Get your regular 10inch edition via Bandcamp or directly through our webshop.

Für nichts außer Asche is also available on Spotify!

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We are working as usual but however there are a few restrictions for international shipping.

Due to the worldwide Corona pandemia there are now restrictions for certain countries.

(further information here.)

We won’t deliver to these countries:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • China/ Hongkong
  • Argentina
  • Ecuador
  • India
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Japan
  • Montenegro
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Singapur
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
  • South Korea
  • Mexico

We won’t deliver to certain postcode areas in these countries:

Medicina (40059), Ariano Irpino (83031), Polla (84035), Sala Consilina (84036), Atena Lucana (84030), Caggiano (84030), San Lucido (87038), Montebello Ionico (89064), Caulonia (89041)

Region Innsbruck: 6450 Sölden, 6452 Hochsölden, 6456 Obergurgl, Hochgurgl, 6458 Vent, 6553 See, Paznaun, 6555 Kappl, 6561 Ischgl, 6562 Mathon, 6563 Galtür, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg, St. Christoph, Region Salzburg: 5542 Flachau, 5611 Grossarl, 5612 Hüttschlag, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, 5632 Dorfgastein, 5640 & 5645 Bad Gastein, Region Vorarlberg: 6762 Stuben, 6763 Zürs, 6764 Lech, 6767 Warth, 6888 Schröcken

3880-XXX til 3885-XXX

Czech Republic:
78321, 78324, 78391, 78401, 58401

The measurements and weight do not get exceeded in France: max weight 15,00kg and dimension limit 60x60x60

No DHL Parcel deliveries to postcode areas:

ACP Gennevilliers: 92110, 92200, 92230, 92250, 92270, 92300, 92390, 92400, 92600, 92700, 92800, 93200, 93210, 93240, 93380, 93430, 93450, 93800,
Monaco: 98000

You can continue placing orders even if these rules do affect you. But please mind that we won´t ship any orders before the restrictions are lifted.

We try to update this list with all relevant information as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support and understanding!!

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YounA – Zornvlouch PRE ORDER

“Pest und Seuchen soll dieser Fluch euch bringen, Tod und Teufel soll‘n euch alle hol‘n!“

“Zornvlouch” is an ireful curse which was uttered to bring plague and wrath to this malign world. So let the untamed ghosts enter and let you be encased by obscurity! Let yourself fall into feral mania, lust and gluttony and dance with devils and evil spirits! The entire curse shall be released on June 1st 2020 by Into Endless Chaos Records and will be limited to 300 black pieces of Vinyl (273 regular and 27 special editions); the MC edition will be limited to 111 pieces.

Pre order

Regular Vinyl Edition Here

Special Vinyl Edition Here

MC Version Here

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Tyrannic – Exterminating Angel MLP Out Now!


Firstly released on tape in march 2019 Tyrannic´s „Exterminating Angel“ finally gets pressed on the archaic format it needs to shine. Into Endless Chaos is proud to present the limited vinyl version of this orgiastic infinity of a record. Rising from the ethereal sepulchre this undying art of Australian black metal will shatter your mind, tear apart your will and rape your soul. Howling guitars, pounding drums and haunting vocals will feed your nightmares so you´ll never forget this funeral dwellers ever again!

Physical copy here.

Digital Version here.

Youtube here.