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Weathered Crest & Forgotten Shrines Vinyls delayed!!!

First thing would be that both releases unfortunately got delayed by the pressing plant and should arrive in the beginning of 2022; mid February to be precise (…which would be exactly one year after we ordered these).All other new releases (Invunche & Harnisch) remain unaffected from that delay so far.

Spectres & Teeth – No Magick Spawns! CD will arrive at our HQ the next days and will ship directly!

You can also listen to “Blossoming Of The Paths” in its entirety now on Bandcamp:

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A Sinister Purpose Lite

Good news finally: A Sinister Purpose is back – well, unfortunately not as a real festival this time, but we were allowed to do a “lite” edition of our annual gathering…


On October 15 2021, UT Connewitz will open its creaky, old doors for all you night dwelling folks who want to taste from that beguiling and baleful fruit called A SINISTER PURPOSE again after all this time.
The stage will be haunted by…
Evil Warriors

Tickets can be pre-ordered here:
(22€ + fees) –– in case we have any tickets left by Oct 15, we will set up a box office at the door.

Festival artwork by Salowe Vision //

– – –

The concert will take place under the so-called 3G conditions, i.e. only fully vaccinated against Covid-19, recovered from Covid-19 and tested negative will be admitted to the event. Valid proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or negative test result must be presented – only certifiable documents (with QR code) will be accepted. Furthermore, masks are mandatory inside the venue.

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// CHAOS 033 & CHAOS 045The by now infamous INVUNCHE joined us in endless chaos and due to that we’re beyond grateful to announce that we will re-release both, the energetic and ruthless shamanic black punk classics “Invunche” and “Sacrificio” for the first time ever on vinyl.

“Invunche”, the self-titled and very first demo output from 2014 will be available as black 10″ vinyl. The 2019 EP “Sacrificio” will be available as black 7″ vinyl; including a new intro, an exclusive song called “Noche” as well as a completely redesigned artwork.

Pre-Order Sacrificio 7inch here:

Pre-Order Invunche 10inch here:

// CHAOS 044This young and aspiring duo called HARNISCH from the Carinthian territory of Austria, musically located on the verge between raw black metal and dungeon synth, will be re-releasing their two excellent demos with Into Endless Chaos Records. Harnisch combine cold, harsh black metal with dreamy, yet peaceful synthie soundscapes; their tormenting and shrieking vocals on top just fit perfectly to the pounding drums and sinister guitar work.”Rauhnachtsreigen” will be avilable as 12″ compilation LP on regular black or limited clear vinyl.

Pre-Order Regular Version here:

Pre-Order Limited Clear Version here:

Listen to “Noche” by INVUNCHE here:

Listen to “Nordflanke” by HARNISCH here:



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October Release Batch

It’s been some time since we came up with new releases, but we have lots of irons in the fire currently – scheduled for October 13 2021 we will have three new releases available under our banner. Pre-sale is now up for the following titles:

// CHAOS 039
Weathered Crest – Blossoming Of The Paths LP
After the „Broken Column“ EP Weathered Crest continues with an album of piercing urgency. „Blossoming Of The Paths“ contains seven tracks of triumphant fast to mid-paced Black Metal, dedicated to the fading of mankinds achievements into forgottendom.

„Like ancient civilizations we shall fade away and nature will again devour our monuments and memories. Pride comes before a fall.“

Available as regular and special edition vinyl. The special edition is limited to 42 copies and comes with a pin, a poster and a modified packaging.

Regular Edition order here.

Special Edition order here.

Listen to “Insects For The Eyes Of Icons” on YouTube:––

//CHAOS 040
Forgotten Shrines – Remembrance MLP
Distant ruined remains echoing from feral times when nocturnal gates were unclosed differently. What once was lost in oblivion now shall be unearthed by the dim light of a single torch. “Remembrance” by Forgotten Shrines from Austria hails the pioneering spirit of Black Metal by using shattered tools and blurring soundscapes.

Order here.

Listen to “Remembrance” on YouTube:––

//CHAOS 031
Spectres & Teeth – No Magick Spawns! Digipak CD
An outburst of abhorrent and wreaking Black/Death Metal from the most mucid dungeons of Linz, Austria. Written half a decade ago now finally to be released on Digipak CD.

Order here.

Listen to “Beast Of Earth” on YouTube:––

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Spring Sale

Oh là là! We’re having a spring sale again; starting tomorrow at 10AM CET, ending on Sunday 11PM.

20% off sitewide – no fun, no core, no mosh, no discount codes!

Get ready!

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CHAOS 047 Out Now!

Midnight Callings – The Cosmological Wanderer CD

CHAOS 047 //

Midnight Callings – The Cosmological Wanderer CD OUT NOW!

The calls from midnight proclaim the soundtrack for all cosmological wanderers out there. Conquer the spheres on a 20 minute deep space journey between earth and the beyond.

–– Order CD version (lim. 100) Here

–– Bandcamp Download Here