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Archaic Thorn – Eradication PRE ORDER


Archaic Thorn – Eradication

“ERADICATION” is the first full-length strike of the German Nihilistic Death Metal Horde known as ARCHAIC THORN, containing seven invocations of pure violence, death and madness. Available on black & limited color vinyl. To be released on the December 14th 2020.

Pre-order “Eradication” here:

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Release Announcement 1 & 2

Spectres & Teeth – No Magick Spawns!

An outburst of abhorrent and wreaking Black/Death Metal from the most mucid dungeons of Linz, Austria. Written half a decade ago now finally to be released on tape and vinyl.To be released on November 13th 2020.

Pre-order “NO MAGICK SPAWNS!” here:

– Digital here.
– Cassette (Födweg/Into Endless Chaos) here.
– Special Edition Vinyl here.
– Regular Vinyl here.


YounA – Zornvlouch REPRESS

We’re currently repressing YounAs debut LP “Zornvlouch” on Vinyl – this run consists of 100 white & black marbled and 200 regular black LPs. Both editions contain an A1 sized single-sided poster.
To be released on November 13th 2020.

Pre-Order here:
colored vinyl

regular black vinyl

Or order via Bandcamp here.

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Cntmpt – Für Nichts Außer Asche 10inch

When night and day become one,
when everything turns into a pale meadow,
fire and ice combine their strength with uncreational purpose.
A sonic rage deafens the competence to distinguish.
From the depths of this sallow clime a glimpse bulges to a harsh pressure.
A shield bursts, a world cracks and what remains is nothing but ash.

Cntmpt​s “Für nichts außer Asche” will be released on the 1st of September 2020 as a 10inch EP, limited to 200 copies.

–––– Pre-order Special Edition here.

Limited to 21 copies. Contains a 12-page booklet, a unique wooden hand-carved talisman and a printed tin box including incense and lighting charcoal housed in a linen bag.

–––– Pre-order Regular Edition here.

Limited to 179 copies. Contains a 12-page booklet.

–––– Pre-order Digital Version here.

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Evil Warriors – Schattenbringer EP PRE ORDER


Out on the 20th of July in 2020

“Amongst wild structures embroiled in an endless fight of domination, amongst dissolving forms pretending to know right and wrong, trying to justify their own being. In between this fuss you can find a certain figure that doesn’t care about all this, a figure that is and does not pretend to be. Complex in it’s simplicity it satisfies itself. „Schattenbringer“ does not bring truth but all it’s different kinds. Constructs made of contrast.”

Schattenbringer is up for pre order as

12inch EP here or digital version here.

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The release of YounAs first full-length ‘Zornvlouch’ is upon us and for this occasion we made some shirts and longsleeves designed by Salowe Vision.
On top of that we made some Into Endless Chaos Records shirts and tote bags for you so you can finally wear your dedication on the outside. Design by Beyond-Art. Printed on Gildan Ultra Cotton, tote bags by Halfar.

▪️ YounA – Zornvlouch Shirt here.

▪️ YounA – Zornvlouch Longsleeve here.

▪️ Into Endless Chaos Shirt here.

▪️ Into Endless Chaos Bag here.

All items listed above won’t ship before May 28th 2020.

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Mors Atra Festival

‡ Betlehem ‡
‡ Bølzer ‡
‡ Wolvennest ‡
‡ Vidargängr ‡

‡ Secrets Of The Moon ‡
‡ Strid ‡
‡ (Dolch) ‡
‡ Evil Warriors ‡

Service fees apply to all pre sale tickets.

Tickets here.